Analyze PCB Design To Optimize Welding Spot Tightness

- Aug 18, 2018-

PCB design welding spot is too close, easy to cause wave and peak welding, welding between leakage.The editor below for you to analyze the design of PCB welding points over - sealing optimization. 

Analyze PCB design to optimize welding spot tightness

Analysis: this board has many components and is relatively dense.Because the distance between solder joint and solder joint is 0.3-0.5mm, it is easy to cause continuous welding, and because of poor flux quality, a large amount of electric leakage is caused in the meiyu weather in south China. 

Countermeasures: increase the distance between solder joints and increase the resistance welding oil in the middle.Strictly control flux quality. 

Thinking: when designing denser PCB boards, try to make them as close as possible and open them as far as possible.For example, although the safe distance of PCB is 0.3mm, the place where 0.6mm can be achieved should be increased to above 0.6mm as far as possible, thus the probability of problem will be greatly reduced.