Analysis On The Development Prospect Of China's PCB Industry In 2018

- Oct 20, 2018-

From 2015 to 2016, global macroeconomic depression and sluggish downstream demand led to negative growth of PCB output value for the first time.The PCB market rebounded in 2017, growing 8.6 percent year-on-year, the highest growth rate since 2011.In each terminal product, except the computer atrophy, other products maintain a steady level, driving PCB demand growth.In addition, various emerging electronic products applications in the consumer market, such as wearable electronic devices, electronic hearing AIDS, blood glucose meters, intelligent devices for electric vehicles, aerospace and other fields, also led to the increase of PCB orders.According to the market analysis institute, driven by the continuous development of the global electronic information industry, the compound growth rate of global PCB output value is 3.2% in 2017-2022, among which the output value of PCB in mainland China will increase from 29.7 billion usd in 2017 to 35.7 billion usd, CAGR3.7%.