Analysis Of The Development Status And Forecast Of China's Automobile PCB Industry In 2018

- Nov 03, 2018-

Automobile electronics is the combination of electronic information technology and traditional technology of automobile.The degree of automobile electronics is regarded as an important mark to measure the level of modern automobile, and an important technical measure to develop new models and improve automobile performance. Driven by tesla, the industry is in the process of rapid rise.PCB is widely used in automotive electronics, power control system, security control system, automobile body electronic system, entertainment, communication systems are involved, the big four so to the requirement of PCB is diversified, large amount of low price of products and the demand of high reliability, single and double in automotive PCB panel, 4 layer board, 6 layer board, 8-16 layer board proportion are 26.93%, 25.70%, 17.37% and 26.93% respectively, total accounted for about 73%;HDI, FPC and IC boards accounted for 9.56%, 14.57% and 2.38% respectively, accounting for about 27% in total. It can be seen that multi-layer board is still the main demand of automotive electronics.