Americas New Governor Is Furious That Foxconns Plans To Build A $10 Billion Factory By Terry Gou Could Make It Difficult To Produce

- Nov 17, 2018-

The governor of Wisconsin, terry gou, the founder of foxconn, is in a state of shock over what was once a fairly routine change of command.

Last year, electronics giant foxconn announced a $10 billion investment in a LCD panel factory in Wisconsin.Foxconn is said to have committed to creating 13,000 local jobs, while the us government will give foxconn a subsidy of up to $3 billion, which has since increased to $4.1 billion, a record in Wisconsin and a record in the us for foreign companies.

As the biggest mover of foxconn's American factories, Wisconsin's governor at the time gave terry gou a high rating, calling him a "great businessman" and even Mr Trump himself at the groundbreaking, praising foxconn's LCD plant in the us as "the eighth wonder of the world".Gou thought the foxconn project was stable.

Little did they know that the change of governor has been halfway through the "cheng niangjin".The big difference between the new governor and the old one is that the new governor, David evers, is not bullish on foxconn.Mr Ivers has vowed to break up Wisconsin's economic-development firm, which is involved in the foxconn project, and to find a way to "bring Mr Gou to heel".

Even before the change of governor, there were many uncertainties in foxconn's project.Foxconn had promised to build a 10.5 plant capable of producing 75-inch televisions, but instead it has turned into a 6 plant.Foxconn, which held a huge job fair in Wisconsin last month, actually received just 1,300 resumes and screened just 300 people for interviews, a far cry from the 13,000 it had promised, with production downgrades and difficulty recruiting.

But the Wisconsin legislature has said it won't let Mr. Ivers destroy the foxconn project. Mr. Ivers could propose breaking up the economic development company, but it would ultimately have to be approved by congress.It seems that the loss of a governor and the parliamentary backing of Mr Gou is not enough, however, for foxconn to build a plant in the us.