Alternative Order Injected PCB Equipment Supplier Stable Operation

- Nov 14, 2018-

Due to recent market noise is more, the effect of a trade war with China is not yet clear, caused many manufacturer factory of slowing expansion plans, to conservative wait-and-see attitude, but watch said to 4.0, with the rising wages and industrial manufacturers in order to save the human cost or conform to the intelligent manufacture and so on, even if not plant, and equipment used in the new demand is still strong, so the alternative of buying equipment orders, establish relevant vendors a lot of revenue growth niche.
Thanks to the continuous fermentation of the five-arrow strategy and AOI+AI product portfolio, mu DE technology (3563) has stunned the industry, earning more than 2 equity shares and a surplus of 22.40 yuan per share in the first three quarters.Mr Mulder points out that in the past product strategy has been to offer slimmer, less expensive equipment to mainland customers in order to further satisfy the other side
The need for automated optical detection in small and medium-sized factories has led to cooperation with some local PCB equipment vendors to increase product sales pipelines.
A large number of science and technology (3167) this year shows high heat, order, shipment before October revenue of 3.459 billion yuan, is better than the same period last year, also almost tied full-year revenue last year, but on the other side to foster the semiconductor industry, the company is also actively into related detection field, has been in research and development of the business including, X-ray and infrared IC test, surface optical detection equipment, and the field has a small shipment.In the field of PCB, it is modified for molding machine and drilling machine, and equipped with mechanical arm and unmanned vehicle, so as to achieve automatic production.
Suntech (2467) benefited from stable alternative orders, with revenue of $42.13 billion and earnings per share of $2.67 in the first three quarters, nearly close to the $2.70 total for the whole of last year.According to zhisheng, automatic production and energy-saving equipment are industrial trends. Take the soft board of PCB as an example, the parts tend to be light and short. Tearing film by hand not only consumes cost but also cannot maintain quality easily.
Of legal person, said equipment dealer in contrast to the PCB industry itself is not so obvious, most will follow factory needs to maintain at the same level, expanding and expanding factory is not for a moment, I could do so has received orders manufacturer, performance will make shipment as the continuous and stable growth, and equipment used in new orders for alternative injections, watch the relevant equipment, long-term development, the subsequent operation stable growth.