After The Boom, PCB Equipment Factory Accelerated.

- Jan 27, 2018-

Continental PCB manufacturers in recent years, expanding production actively, but manpower shortage, high liquidity, cause PCB factory process, especially the Spring Festival after the employees "rework rate" is difficult to grasp, the most worrying vendors, and therefore the PCB factory for quarter 1 hard to effective control, and, more importantly, even if PCB factory itself has excellent "rework rate", but if the client has the status of the rework rate is poor, may also affect the shipment.

In fact, contains shennan circuit, five strains, shantou ultrasound and mainland, sensitivity, large supply PCB factory, equipment procurement demand is ascension, mainly because some of these large PCB factory fundraising plans to obtain large sums of money in front of the public, must be conducted in accordance with the original plan put forward by the expansion of factory, and digest the IPO to raise money, in order to obtain more automated and manpower saving equipment, Taiwanese factory such as chi SAN AOI equipment factory, pastoral, rob business opportunities in this area.

More than in the past, PCB equipment industry, trapped in a PCB factory does not see the order is not within the current situation of investment in equipment, benefiting industry deepen the degree of automation, plus the young industry boom, including fast retailing market visibility has amounted to 2018 season 2, the newsletter is also accelerating expansion project to meet the company's new factory orders.