After Jiujiang, Huaqiang Jufeng Will Build A New PCB Plant In Yiyang, Hunan Province

- Nov 14, 2018-

Recently, hunan electronic circuit industry association secretary general agency, the soil aokang group chairman assistant Tang Hong, weaving letter Kang Rexian visited huaqiang poly international business co., LTD., general manager, and huaqiang is feng Chen Suibo, chairman of jiangxi factory production, project construction situation, the company's business and development vision of things to discuss.
According to Chen suibo, the jiangxi jiujiang plant invested 80 million yuan is located at aimin road, jiujiang economic and technological development zone.At present, equipment debugging is underway, and will be officially put into production before 2019, and the capacity is expected to reach 500,000 feet.
At the same time, Chen told visiting association representatives that following jiujiang, the company plans to build a new PCB project in hunan.At present, it has purchased 200 mu of land in yiyang, hunan, which is under demolition and will start construction early next year.
Huaqiang jufeng is an all-electronic industrial chain service platform, which covers an interactive communication platform of millions of registered user engineers -- electronics enthusiasts, and subverts the PCB business of traditional PCB industry with the Internet mode -- huaqiang PCB, as well as the online procurement platform of components and chips -- huaqiang core city.Three main business through the electronic industry chain upstream and downstream, as end users set up a seamless one-stop interactive platform of communication, electronic enthusiasts as the mainstay of huaqiang gather abundant business architecture, direct docking accurately and efficiently, the hardware and software of multi-level demand, an electrical engineer has created a number of users, the most active of the highest hardware innovation ecosystem.At the same time, huaqiang jufeng provides customers with online inquiry, online order, after-sales tracking and other all-round industrial chain innovation services that are indispensable in the process of product design and batch manufacturing.The three businesses complement each other's resources and are important inputs to each other.
It is reported that the capacity of huaqiang jufeng shenzhen factory has been saturated.