Affected By Demand Heating And Pollution Control Order, PCB Of Taiwan Enterprises Is Busy To Expand Production

- Nov 03, 2018-

As the PCB population enters the traditional electronics peak season, and related new applications in the future include 5G communication, automotive electronics, netcom, etc., and environmental protection policies become stricter, the PCB plant recently not only moved some production lines back to Taiwan, but also increased the production schedule in the future.

Among them, taihong has recently invested 1 billion Taiwan dollars to set up a factory in nantong of the mainland to produce aluminum mold and FCCL electronic materials. The production capacity will be increased from the current 250,000 square meters per month to 350,000 square meters.

In addition, taijun technology recently announced a land purchase agreement with kaohsiung municipal government to invest nt $10 billion to set up a 5G intelligent communications business operation center of taijun group, which is estimated to create 2,500 jobs.

Taijun chairman zheng mingzhi pointed out that after the acquisition and development of the new plant land, the plant will be built in two phases.The first phase will start after the signing of the contract. It is expected to complete trial production and put into operation one year later, providing development momentum for 5G new undertakings in the next year.It is expected that after the completion of the whole phase 2, the group will be able to double its capacity.

The company expects to expand the guanyin new plant, currently building around 30,000 ping, and plans to install all the machines in place and put into production in August. In order to reduce the impact of China's environmental policies, the company will increase the proportion of revenue in the Taiwan factory.

In addition, yijia will increase its wet process capacity in the third quarter of this year to diversify the risk. With an investment of about $1 million, it is estimated that the overall linkou factory revenue will be doubled compared with the past.