Acer's Micro Clothing Has Been Recognized As The 'first Set' Project In 2018

- Nov 09, 2018-

Released recently, the anhui province economic and information commission of anhui province in 2018 the first (set) list of major technical equipment that hefei core acer microelectronics equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as its "core") and other 130 units stand out in the numerous projects, is considered as the first (set) in 2018 in anhui province is a major technical equipment projects.
The ACURA280 laser direct writing imaging equipment was identified.This is a high performance, high resolution laser direct imaging system, adopts the high-power light source, exposure to high production, high precision imaging and positioning system, which can realize the automatic detection, automatic classification, specify the rate of exposure, no film work, shorten the process, solve the increases and bad defects, reduce tools produced by the film defects, eight 12 mu mu m/m high precision parsing, maximum exposure area is 525 mm * 610 mm, applicable customer needs a variety of sizes, for different loading plate type provides the perfect solution.