About Micro LED Development

- Nov 03, 2018-

Large billboards take PCB as the mainstream, and the resolution demand is gradually improved

Although glass substrate can reduce the difficulty of massive transfer, however, many unsolved technical problems may also be encountered if glass substrate is used to splice into large display screens.Therefore, in Signage application, PCB substrate scheme will still be the main one.

At present, the traditional LED large billboard market is quite mature, and the demand for RGB LED chip is huge.Therefore, in a short time, this market will be important LED capacity to haikou.The miniaturization trend of LED, for relevant manufacturers, is no more than a good strategy to operate the current market properly and then move slowly towards the solution of smaller grain size.

Huang bingkai (FIG. 5), manager of the business department of polymer technology micro-light-emitting diode, pointed out that the large indoor billboard market with high resolution requirements is an important business direction for the company at present.At present, the mainstream Pixel Pitch of large indoor billboards is 0.9~1.5mm, while the lower the Pixel Pitch, the higher the drive scheme.

Mini LED backlight first, electronic competition display first imported

Considering that there are still many technical barriers to overcome for Micro LED technology at this stage, many manufacturers will first introduce LCD display products with Mini LED backlight scheme in 2018.LEDinside expects to see displays using Mini LED backlight technology in the second half of 2018, and the production value of Mini LED will reach 689 million dollars in 2022.

Different from Micro LED display, Mini LED has a larger grain size.However, compared with traditional LED backlight, Mini LED chip is small in size, and can be matched with straight down backlight and Local Dimming technology improved display contrast.According to deng shaoyou, Mini LED backlight is very different from traditional direct LED backlight.The Mini LED backlight makes the number of LED particles smaller and larger than the traditional vertical backlight.However, just increasing the number of LED particles is not enough, and more importantly, HDR high-contrast technology must be used to make it possible.