A Supplier Of Apple Has Abruptly Laid Off Thousands Of Temporary Workers And Surrounded The Factory

- Nov 17, 2018-

Bern optics (huizhou) is the largest foreign enterprise in huizhou city, mainly produces mobile phone glass lenses, is one of the largest suppliers of apple and samsung.Production of glass cover plate accounted for more than 60% of apple's samsung glass cover plate purchases.That means a third of the world's mobile phone glass is from bourne.

Introduction to bourne optics:

Born optics limited was established in 1986 as a hong kong-owned private enterprise.Fushi optics co., LTD. And Bonn optics co., LTD. Were formally integrated as Bonn optics co., LTD. In 2010 to achieve higher management and production efficiency.Today, the industrial park covers an area of 850,000 square meters. The combination of technology and production capacity makes Bern the world's largest glass panel manufacturer, accounting for more than 60 percent of the global market.The annual output value of the two production bases in shenzhen and huizhou is as high as 30 billion yuan.

Bern optics now has more than 1 million square meters of plant area and 100,000 employees, various high-end production equipment more numerous.Born in the watch-panel glass, Bern has been providing the panel protective glass for world-class famous watches since the 1990s, and its market share is the first in the world.Bern optics has been involved in the mobile phone industry since 2001, from trial production to a large number and wide use, but in just two or three years, by continuous innovation and continuous improvement, has become a major customer of mobile phone manufacturers around the world.