A PCB Plant In Shenzhen Issued A Two-month Suspension Notice

- Nov 17, 2018-

But a closer look at the notice, which describes the factory's detailed arrangements for the workers' work during the shut-down period, suggests a somewhat pessimistic interpretation:

1. Considering the demands of the factories on both sides, shenzhen only temporarily keeps the necessary personnel business to cooperate with fujian production. The warehouse, planning outsourcing, procurement, finance, delivery driver, logistics and environmental protection, and the customer complaint staff work normally.

2. All the employees of the production line (on-site supervisor) shall, in principle, be transferred to fujian factory to assist production. The factory shall send cars to fujian factory.

3. If the personnel who do not want to go to fujian factory for personal reasons can stay in place for work or take a long vacation, or take the initiative to apply for departure procedures.The leaving salary is still paid into his bank account at the time of the factory's payment;

4. The time for the plant to suspend production is estimated to be 2 months (i.e., from November 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019), and the production will be normal after the equipment is transformed.

5. During the plant shut-down and reconstruction, the power supply of the workshop will be cut off except that required. The employees who have not left the dormitory will continue to keep the dormitory, but the canteen will no longer provide meals for them.

6. Employees who are still employed during the factory shutdown shall work on an eight-hour work day five days a week, and their wages shall be paid by the labor standards in shenzhen and transferred to the individual designated account on a monthly basis