5G Concept Is Windy Again. This PCB Company Has Been Continuously Investigated By Institutions

- Nov 29, 2018-

Nearly two days, 5G concept stock trend is strong, hot money speculation enthusiasm.As a leading domestic PCB enterprise, shennan circuit, which benefits from 5G commercial acceleration, has also been paid close attention by institutions recently. In the past 10 days, shennan circuit has been investigated by three groups of institutions in succession, among which there are both well-known securities brokers and many buyer institutions, such as dacheng fund and other large fund companies.

With the gradual advent of 5G era, PCB manufacturers have been expanding frequently, and the issue of capacity is a topic concerned by current institutions.Shennan circuit said that the production capacity of PCB industry itself is structural, and the positioning of manufacturers in the industry is different. Although the production capacity has been expanded frequently in the industry in the past two years, there are differences in the fields and product types of new production capacity.In terms of the product areas the company is currently focusing on, capacity expansion is relatively modest.The company is also actively developing new business areas to form new revenue support.Follow the "total number" WeChat public number, to show you the trend of the organization.

At present, 5G is still in the research and development stage as a whole, and the company has started relevant preparations at an earlier stage. The technical transformation project related to 5G is continuing.From the perspective of production capacity, some 4G and 5G production lines can be Shared. Except that some processes cannot be applied due to product size changes and other reasons, equipment matching 5G products needs to be purchased in addition, other processes can basically achieve 5G product production through technical transformation.In addition, the production of nantong factory also brings new increment for PCB production capacity of the company.

Similarly, the geometry of r&d planning for technology-based industries is also the focus of attention of institutions.In this regard, shennan circuit said, the company has always adhered to the independent innovation strategy for many years, continuously high r & d investment, and set up a three-level r & d system, in the headquarters, business division and production plant level respectively under the r & d department, product r & d department and technology department;After years of independent research and development and innovation, we have developed a series of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights to maintain the leading edge of the industry in technology from process technology to cutting-edge product development.In the future, the company will continue to take the lead in technology, continue to invest in research and development, and maintain its core competitiveness.

Guolian securities analysis pointed out that the application of shennan circuit products is mainly in the field of communication, accounting for 60.63%, huawei is the company's largest customer.Starting 5G base station construction in 2019, the market will usher in a new round of rapid growth in demand for communication board.5G led to a significant increase in the number of base stations, and the PCB value of a single base station was increased. Compared with 4G, 5G PCB application was several times higher.The company is deeply involved in 5G product r&d and will have the opportunity to enjoy 5G dividend.At present, the annual production capacity of the company is nearly 1.5 million square meters. With the continuous release of the capacity of nantong base, the capacity will be expanded to 1.8 million square meters, providing guarantee for the growth of 5G demand.However, in the future, there will be risks such as 5G promotion falling short of expectations, product price drop risk caused by intensified competition, and production capacity expansion schedule falling short of expectations.