5G Communication Will Drive The Company's PCB Business To Better Develop

- Sep 22, 2018-

Regarding the impact of 5G communication development on the company, xinsen technology responded that 5G communication is the downstream industry of the company's PCB business, and the development of 5G communication will drive the improvement of industry prosperity index.From 2017 to 2022, the compound growth rate of global PCB was 2.8%, maintaining a moderate growth, while China will maintain a rapid growth rate of 4.2%. Therefore, the development space of PCB is huge for the domestic market.Demand for PCB in 5 g than the growth of the 4 g several times, as the main source of profit contribution for this PCB business, the company will cling to the development of the industry a good opportunity, use the company integrated technical ability, continue to push forward the technological innovation and technology improvement, vigorously develops the one-stop services, ensure the PCB business sustained, stable growth.At present, the company has supplied 10G, 40G and 100G optometric PCB boards in batches to domestic first-line optical module manufacturers, and more high-speed optical module PCB boards are used in r&d and production.The company has a very deep accumulation of high frequency material processing technology and high frequency and high speed PCB production technology. Through cooperation with rich communication industry customers, the company has developed and launched 5G PCB products of different models, which are widely used in server, base station and military equipment and other fields. In the future, 5G business will grow rapidly.