25 Years Leading PCB Industry Jingwang Electronic Writing Shenzhen Speed

- Oct 17, 2018-

In addition to the "factory of the world" card, China is also the most important base for global electronics manufacturing.As a window of China's reform and opening-up, shenzhen has a large scale, strong supporting capacity and obvious industrial agglomeration effect.In such an environment, jingwang electronics develops step by step, grows stronger, and eventually rises to fame, becoming an industry leader with annual operating income of several billion yuan.

After a deep study of the reasons behind it, jingwang electronics has given a standardized answer: focusing on the PCB industry, relying on three differentiated production bases, big data informatization platform, advanced production and manufacturing engineering design system, profound technical precipitation and talent accumulation.This corroborates a saying: the truth is profound, only slightly obvious and ordinary feeling.Perhaps, the current achievement in the company's view, is not particularly remarkable, after all, to become the world's most reliable electronic circuit manufacturer is the direction and goal of its unremitting efforts.

Join hands

The information management center's manager zhu introduced that the enterprise informatization construction of jingwang electronics is also in the leading position in the industry, and continues to communicate and learn with peers.Developed a new ERP system, deployed and completed mobile collaborative office system, SRM system, manufacturing implementation system and engineering design system, introduced advanced CAD software and servicesIn recent years, the pace of jingwang's advance has been a bit hectic.

"" the promotion and use of zhongwang CAD software at the three major bases of baoan, heyuan longchuan and jiangxi jishui is an important project content of the group's informatization construction, aiming to further improve the overall quality and efficiency of research and development design." "Zhu said that zhongwang has diversified software products and is the only domestic software manufacturer with independent property rights of 2-d CAD products, providing customers with reliable CAD/CAM software and services. "from this perspective, zhongwang software has many similar characteristics with jingwang electronics."It is also the leader in its field, with the same aspiration and pursuit, and the cooperation between the two sides is doomed to long-term joint progress from the very beginning.

Before cooperating with zhongwang software, jingwang electronics was extremely embarrassed in the use of CAD design software. Due to the limited number of authorized copies of foreign CAD software purchased by the company, the r&d engineers had to queue up and take turns.Speaking of which,IT manager zhu explains the specific reasons behind IT.Originally, as several major production bases of jingwang electronics were put into use one after another, the company's use of CAD software gap increased a lot.If all the foreign CAD software is purchased, the annual rental fee will be a huge investment.On the other hand, from the perspective of use,PCB industry design drawing belongs to the basic application of CAD software. Domestic CAD technology can fully meet the application requirements of the industry, and the purchase of all foreign software will cause serious waste of resources.