The First Competitive Of Multilayer Metal Core PCB

The First Competitive Of Multilayer Metal Core PCB

Shenzhen Found provides 1~32layers(include 1~8oz copper thickness PCB and HDI) PCB and PCB assembly services to a wide range of companies in the Consume , Computer, Industrial, RF products, Automotive, Securities, medical, Telecommunications and other electronics equipment markets. As a full  service turnkey supplier of custom electronics, EVERPCB can provide support from design and prototyping to new product introduction and full rate production. The main idea of running this business is to locate any potential customers around the world and extensively supplying them with good quality PCBs and related assembly services.

Product Details

Technical Capabilities



Layer count

1-24 layers


FR-4 Metal PCB

Board thickness


Copper thickness


Panel size


Min dill hole diameter


Conductor width/space


Min core thickness


Min punched hole diameter


Drill hole position tolerance


Conductor width tolerance

(+/-)0.075mm or +/-20%


Aluminum LED Metal Core PCB

ABIS CIRCUITS CO., LTD is a professional PCB manufacturing which is focus on double side, Multilayer and HDI pcb mass production. The company was established on 2006, We
have two factories together ,And now we dedicated to supply LED PCB for clients

Quality Control Flow:

Aluminum PCB LED Circuit Board UL, SGS, ISO

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Almost all electronic products need to use the circuit board, the circuit board is fixed, the connection, the electronic components of insulation, flame-retardant board. Make the connection of components faster and neater. Easy mass production and maintenance, increase the reliability of electrical appliances. is one of the components of electronic appliances. The circuit board makes the circuit miniature and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the fixed circuit. The research on the automatic testing system of printed circuit board in China began in the middle of the early 90.Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil Base Material: Copper Insulation Materials: Organic Resin Base Material/ Dielectric: Sy, Kb, Iteq, Isola, Rogers Layer: 1-32 Layers Solder Mask: Black Copper Thickness: 1oz Board Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Aperture: 0.2mm Surface Treatment: Enig


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