Taiyo Solder Mask Metal Core Pcb

Taiyo Solder Mask Metal Core Pcb

Taiyo solder mask metal core pcb

Product Details

Taiyo solder mask metal core pcb

Found has invested in the best equipment, environment and staff training.

     We have has been committed to R&D The professioonal high-precision and special material PCB and has the ability to make 4-28 layers high-precision impedance, multi-layer blind-layer hole, high Tg, Al base, Copper base and ceramic base PCB, 1-6 layer FPC, Etc. 

    The company takes ISO9000 Standardization managemeng and have certified UL,RoHS international certification.

AOI Testing

1 Line Multi-Function Placement Machine

2-Wire Panasonic High-Speed Placement Machine


PCB Capacility

This Chart is a simple process for multilayer PCB production.

PCB Layers
1-28 layers
                                                                                            Min PCB Board thickness
4 layers, 0.4mm/16 mil
Max PCB Board Size
6 layers, 0.8mm/32 mil

PCB Material
FR4, 94 V-0
8 layers, 1.0mm/40 mil

Min PCB Line Width
10 layers, 1.2mm/48 mil

Min PCB Line Space0.1mmMin PCB Hole Size0.2mm
PTH Wall Board Thickness
Outline Tolerance

Product Application

    We Manufactured products are widely used in communication apparatus,automoblie electronics,computers,medical devices and network devices and consumer electronics class fields.

Taiyo Solder Mask Metal Core Pcb

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