Counter Sink Screw Holes M3 Aluminum LED PCB

Counter Sink Screw Holes M3 Aluminum LED PCB

Model NO.: FD-03 Dielectric: AIN Application: Consumer Electronics Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil Base Material: Aluminum Brand: FD-03 Board Layer: 1 Layers Trademark: FD Specification: UL, RoHS, SGS, ISO9001 HS Code: 8534009000 Structure: Single-Sided Rigid PCB Material: Epoxide Woven Glass Fabric Laminate Flame Retardant Properties: V0 Production Process: Subtractive Process Insulation Materials: Epoxy Resin Surface Finihsing: Immersion/ Chemical Gold Lead Time: 6 Working Days Transport Package: Vacuum Package Origin: Shenzhen

Product Details

Technical Capabilities




Max panel size

32" x 20.5"(800mm x 520mm)

Min trace width/ space (inner layer)


Min PAD (inner layer)

5 mil(0.13mm)

hole ring width

Min thickness(inner layer)

4 mil(0.1mm)

without copper

Inner copper thickness

1~4 oz

Outer copper thickness

0.5~6 oz

Finished board thickness

0.4-3.2 mm

Board thickness tolerance control

±0.10 mm

±0.10 mm

1~4 L



6~8 L



≥10 L

Inner layer treatment

brown oxidation

Layer count Capability

1-30 LAYER

alignment between ML


Min drilling

0.15 mm

Min finished hole

0.1 mm

Hole precision

±2 mil(±50 um)

tolerance for Slot

±3 mil(±75 um)

tolerance for PTH

±3 mil(±75um)

tolerance for NPTH


Max Aspect Ratio for PTH


Hole wall copper thickness


Alignment of outer layers


Min trace width/space for outer layer


Tolerance of Etching


Thickness of solder mask

on trace


at trace corner


On base material

  Finished thickness

Hardness of solder mask


Alignment of solder mask film


Min width of solder mask bridge


Max hole with solder plug


Surface finish

HAL (Lead or Lead free), immersion Gold, Immersion Nickel, Electric Gold finger, Electric Gold, OSP, Immersion Silver.

Max Nickel thickness for Gold finger


Max gold thickness for Gold finger


Nickel thickness in Immersion Gold


Gold thickness in Immersion Gold


Impedance control and its tolerance

50±10%,75±10%,100±10% 110±10%

Trace Anti-stripped strength


bow and twist



Shenzhen Found has the solution for your printed circuit board thermal management needs. With our knowledge of thermal management and has been certified ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and ISO/TS 16949-2009. we will find the right solution for you whether it is a single sided or multilayer design construction. Found will support you from prototype stage right through to the production of small to large quantities from the far east.

What is a MCPCB? A metal core printed circuit board integrates a heat spreader in the form of a base material- generally aluminum or copper alloy-which is incorporated into the PCB. It achieves a reduced thermal resistance by making use of dielectric polymer prepreg. This provides a transferring heat rate 8-12 times faster than a conventional FR4 PCB.

With a wide range of constructions, Found can support your single sided, 2 layer or multilayer requirements. A wide range of capabilities allows you to add thermal vias, filled vias and blind vias to your design. Our dielectric polymer prepreg materials offer some of the best thermal management properties for LED Lighting, DC-DC power and Military applications. All materials are UL approved with to ensure safety and traceability. For more extreme LED lighting applications contact us about our “Super Pillar” technology. This allows for a thermal conductivity up to 300W/mk and is a unique product only through Found. For bendable or non-rigid MCPCB designs, enquire about our new material able to bend and shape to different angles used for LED lighting.

We understand the need for rapid manufacturing lead times and high quality product. At Found we can support you with fast lead times and ensure you get your boards delivered on-time defect free.