Epoxy Resin Car Lamp Aluminium Metal Core PCB

Epoxy Resin Car Lamp Aluminium Metal Core PCB

In recent years with the development of all kinds of lighting (leds), we have the foresight and catch the chance.now Found circuit focus on the metal core PCB building, the product include 1L,2L and FR4+Aluminum PCB. We have the customers all over the world, especially in Germany and north American. they all safisty with our products and our services. With good price and not bad quality, we are one of the top suppliers of Metal core PCB supplier in Shenzhen.

Product Details

LED Strip PCB,LED TV PCB Board,backlight pcb

Metal CorePCB Manufacturer
UL approved and RoHS compliant 
Good quality and reasonable price
OEM Available


Material: Bergquist MP-06503,HR T30.20
Base Thickness:0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.57mm,2.0mm
Surface Finish: Lead free HASL,ENIG,OSP,etc
Solder Mask Color: White, black,etc
Aluminum PCB Application: LED Lighting, LED TV,Automotive Electronics,Electric Vehicle,Power Conversion,Motor Drivers,Concentrator Photovoltaic, Audio, Aviation and Military Industry