Custom-made PCB Service Range

Custom-made PCB Service Range

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience,we supply products with FR4 laminate(Aluminum Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board,which are used in Electronic Security,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc.

Product Details

                       Metal Core PCB

  In recent years with the development of all kinds of lighting (leds), we have the foresight and catch the Found circuit focus on the metal core PCB building, the product include 1L,2L and FR4+Aluminum PCB.

  We have the customers all over the world, especially in Germany and north American. they all safisty with our products and our services.

  With good price and not bad quality, we are one of the top suppliers of Metal core PCB supplier in Shenzhen.