Metal Core Base Epoxy Resin Copper Automobile PCB

Metal Core Base Epoxy Resin Copper Automobile PCB

Shenzhen Found Printed circuit Board co.,Ltd,established in 2010, has been playingleading role as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of highprecision PCBs in the past decades. With the ongoing investment in research, equipment and updating system of management, we have enjoyed a sound reputation in the field of PCB, and stand out in today’s market with fierce competition. Located in Shenzhen, our company has about 200 staff and a PCB workshop with about 8000 square meters. Our products are mostly used in the field of LED Linghting, and have good performance in all kind of functional test. Our perfect management, advanced equipments, and professional staffs are the keys for us to fight to win more market shares with other competitors. Customer‘s satisfaction and support are what we have been strived for. Now we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS and UL certificates. With constant hard work of our staff and ongoing support from customers both home and abroad, we can provide up to 24 layer, 6oz copper, High TG, AL-base to our customers with fast turn and high quality level.

Product Details

Fabrication Options

   Other less common and more expensive fabrication options include:

Buried and Blind Vias (internal layers are built using either foil or cap lamination):   The process is essentially the same as a standard stackup and lamination.  However, the lamination process may need to be repeated several times to capture the vias internally and still complete the needed electrical connections.

Cap Lamination: Instead of starting with a core and building out using prepreg and foil, this process puts the core on the outer layers and then prepreg in the middle. The process to laminate is less stable and requires the correct press and tools to accomplish.

Spacing Requirements

Not only does material composition of the boards need to be considered, but so does the spacing between layers. There are two types of spacing materials that can be used: core (copper-plated, glass-reinforced epoxy laminated sheets with a typical thickness between 0.004” and 0.040”) or prepreg (a reinforced sheet impregnated with resin, typical thickness between .002” and .007”).

Closing Thoughts

A well-designed stackup and effective fabrication method can help you ensure the right build for your multi-layer PCBs. While most PCB manufacturers utilize a set of standard stackups, it’s also very common to utilize a stackup defined as a part of the project requirements. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to leverage your PCB manufacturer’s knowledge & experience to validate a proposed stackup


General Profile

Metal core PCB is thermal management circuit board used in LED lighting which needs fast cooling dissipation. The metal core can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB) and copper (copper core PCB), even iron base. The fastest speed of heat transfer is on copper which is designed in the form of thermoelectric separation. 

1) Effective heat dissipation reduces the operating temperature of the module and prolongs the service life;
2) Power density and reliability are improved up 10%;
3) Reduce the dependence of heat sinks and other hardware (including thermal interface materials);
4) Reduce the volume of the product;
5) Reduce the cost of hardware and assembly;
6) Optimization combination of power circuit and control circuit;
7) Replace the fragile ceramic substrate and obtain a better mechanical durability;
8) Reduce the operating temperature of the equipment;

LED lighting, Switch regulator, DC/AC converter, Communication electronic equipment, A filter electric circuit, Office automation equipment, Motor driver,  Motor controller,  Automobile etc.

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