SMT Lead Free Metal Core Aluminum PCB

SMT Lead Free Metal Core Aluminum PCB

Product Details

PCB Capability:

Board MaterialFR-4/CEM-1/Aluminum etc.
Number of Layers1-28 Layers
Final PCB ThicknessMin .005"  Max.250''
Core ThicknessMin.0025"
Maximum PCB Size2 Layer 20" x 28"
Multilayer 16" x 26"
Minimum Conductor
Minimum Conductor0.003''
Minimum Drill Hole
Finish Plating / Surface FinishesLead-free HASL, HASL, OSP, Immersion GoldGold Finger, etc.
Outer copper thickness1-5 oz
Inner copper thickness0.5-4 oz
Inner Layer
Minimum Finished Hole Size

Final Thickness <=.062" - .006'
Hole Final Thickness .150" - .014" Hole
Final Thickness .093"-.010"
Hole Final Thickness .200" - .018" Hole
Final Thickness .125"-.012"
Hole Final Thickness .250" - .020" Hole
Solder Mask TypePer IPC-SM-840 / LPI Soldermask / Peelable Soldermask
Silkscreen TypeThermal Cure Epoxy Ink / LPI Ink
Other PCB ServicesBlind and Buried Vias
Plated Slots Specified Dielectric
Tented Vias Controlled Impedance
Solder mask Plugged Vias Via Caps

(Solder Mask)      
Conductive Filled Vias
Quality / TestingInspect to IPC Class III Continuity Resistance
- 10 to 20 Ohms
Net List Test per IPC-356D Isolation

- 2 to 30 Megaohms
Test Voltage - 100 to 250 Volts Minimum

SMT Pitch 0.5 mm
Tolerances▪PTH Hole Size - +/-.002"
▪Front to Back - +/-.002"
▪NPTH Hole Size - +/-.001"
▪Solder Mask - +/-.002"
▪Tooling Holes - +/-.001"
▪Hole to Pad - +/-.005"
CNC FunctionsScoring Edge to Edge Plated Counter bores
Skip Scoring - .250" Spacing Milling
30 or 60 Degree Score Angle Blind and

Buried Vias

30 to 100 Degree Countersink Controlled
Z-Axis Route

15 to 45 Degree Gold Finger Bevel
Castellated Barrels

Counterbores Offset or Recessed Beveling
Plated Countersinks


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