PCB For LED Lighting

PCB For LED Lighting

PCB for LED lighting

Product Details

1 General description

PCB for LED lighting is a type of Aluminum PCB for the application of Led Lighting. It's a
single layer MCPCB board at 1.6 mm thick with 2W/MK thermal conductivity.
The aluminum plate is from ITEQ, Solder mask and silkscreen from Taiyo.
It's fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 10
boards or panels are packed separately.

2 Features and benifits
A. SMT process.
B. Effective heat dissipation reduces the operating temperature of the module
and prolongs the service life.
C. Power density and reliability are improved up 10%.
D. Reduce the dependence of heat sinks and other hardware (including thermal
interface materials),
E. Reduce the volume of the product,
F. Reduce the cost of hardware and assembly,
G. Strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instruction,
H. Whole fabrication process are totally controlled.
I. Meeting your printed circuit board needs from PCB prototyping to mass volume
J. UL recognized and RoHS Directive-compliant
K. RoHS materials
L. UL conformed

3 Application
PCB for LED lighting is used in Input-output amplifier,DC/AC converter, Automotive ignitor, Street lamp


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