What is the price of the circuit board?

- Aug 11, 2017-

One, the circuit board materials used to create a variety of prices

Take the ordinary board as an example, the sheet material generally has FR4, ISOLA, CEM-1, CEM-3, plate thickness from 0.4mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 1/2oz to 3Oz different, all of these on the sheet one has caused a huge price difference; The different brands of materials also have a certain price difference, so the different materials cause a variety of prices.

Second, circuit board manufacturers of different price diversity: even if the same product, but because different manufacturers process equipment, technical level is different, will also form a different cost, nowadays many manufacturers like to produce gold-plated plates, because the process is simple, low-cost, but also some manufacturers to produce gold-plated plate, scrap that rise, resulting in higher costs, so they prefer to produce spray tin plate or tin plate, and thus their tin plate price is lower than the gold plate.

Third, the payment method is different from the price difference: At present, flexible circuit board factory will generally adjust the price of the flexible circuit board according to the different payment method, the range is 5%-10%, thus also caused the price difference.

Four, the different regions to create a variety of prices: at present, from the geographical location, from south to north, the price is increasing trend, different regional prices have a certain difference, so the regional differences also result in a variety of prices.

Five, electroplating way different prices caused by: local electroplating high overall plating around 15%.

Six, PCB production process of non-performing rate also determines the price of PCB

Through the above discussion is not difficult to see, circuit board price diversity is inherent in the inevitable factors, I can only provide a general price range for reference, the specific price to the actual price prevail.

The diversity of price caused by the different production process of PCB