What does the interior of a PCB sheet brown into without a baking sheet

- Nov 03, 2018-

Analysis of PCB sheet Browning products, PCB sheet Browning layer will change color due to oxidation due to temperature change.When the temperature reached 270 ℃, the PCB board the brown shell system ultimately fails, the PCB board brown shell composition changes over temperature than listed.In addition, the brown layer of PCB plate was impregnated by 0.According to the NaOH test of 5%, the Browning layer of PCB plates became reddish, and the content of effective components decreased as shown in figure 27.The basic process of PCB board Browning is: pre-treatment, washing and pre-soaking, PCB board Browning, washing and drying.The criteria for deciding whether the brown layer of PCB plate is better are shown in table 11.Compare the two main suppliers in the market.

Conclusion: the product quality of N company is obviously better than that of M company, but the cost is 0.4 yuan/ft2