The new manufacturing process has led to new demand for PCB equipment factory to attack Korea effectively

- Aug 01, 2018-

Due to the changes in the manufacturing process of PCB hard and soft board, except for the explosive demand for production of SLP or Roll to Roll, the reduced demand for production cost and so on have all contributed to the growth of PCB equipment shipments to Korean PCB factories since this year, including kawabao, ueda and qunyi.

It is reported that the IPO of qunyi industry, which has been approved by OTC, will be listed as soon as September according to the planning progress.

Qunyi is mainly engaged in PCB dry manufacturing process equipment, mainly providing coating, drying, film pressing, exposure and other equipment. With the apparent recovery of PCB, the PCB factory has stepped up the expansion of new equipment and enhanced automation production, which also provides growth momentum for qunyi's performance.

It is understood that the main growth drivers of qunyi include the mobile phone motherboard, which is imported into the classloader board by any layer of HDI manufacturing process.

And FC CSP ultra-thin substrate, as well as automotive ultra-thick PCB boards used by the automatic drying line is also growing.

Chen anshun, chairman of qunyi industries, pointed out that the growth momentum of qunyi includes the introduction of mobile phone motherboards into classboards by any layer of HDI process.

Therefore, in addition to Taiwan PCB factory, Korea PCB factory also began to import.

At the same time, the soft-board factory has begun to use a large number of roll-to-roll vacuum pressure film equipment, FC CSP ultra-thin substrate, and the automatic drying line used in ultra-thick PCB boards for automobiles. It is also growing, including the new factory of jialianyi in guanyin, which also procures the equipment of qunyi and is expected to enter the account this season.

Optical detection equipment factory by field rapid expansion and new technology in PCB panel factory, 5 g layout also led encapsulation, COF package, soft plate, plate and a series of industrial upgrade cycle, by field first to layout the various markets, the corresponding industry has a complete product line and continue to actively into the leading manufacturer, the competent field, points out that in the first half of this year to storm the local soft board factory expansion opportunities, in addition to the mainland has won the biggest soft board factory orders injections, also successfully into the south China many emerging soft board listed companies, samsung Korea supply chain is a soft board factory at the same time the next wave of 5 g expansion of plant layout, product appearance inspection of all orders.

However, the PCB exposure equipment factory chuanbao has significantly increased its revenue in the cross-strait market since the light source of all equipment was changed to low power consumption and environmentally friendly LED light source. In terms of the overall revenue of chuanbao, the revenue of the second half of last year will be 50% to 50%.

As for the latest laser display (LDI) exposure machine field of chuanbao, as it is in line with the market demand of fine lines and high specifications, jianlizhen of chuanbao xiali pointed out that currently the development of products is mainly based on the application of PCB anti-welding process, and also actively entered the market demand of PCB factories in Asia, including Korea.