The IPC report details the development trends of PCB manufacturers

- Feb 03, 2018-

                   The IPC - international association for the electronics industry join ® released this month by the global research report: 2017 PCB technology trends.

The report USES data research to focus on how PCB manufacturers meet current technological development requirements and technical changes that affect the industry by 2021. 


               This report has collected from 118 global electronic assembly and PCB manufacturer data, according to the following five areas of application classification: automobile, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, electronics, high-end system; The content of the report is related to the performance of the board, such as thickness, number of layers, heat dissipation and tolerance.In miniaturesis, such as: line width and spacing, I/O pitch, through-hole aperture, aspect ratio, through-hole structure, etc.Materials, such as: rigidity, flexibility, ductility, metal core, reinforcement, thermal performance, loss characteristics, lead-free, halogen free, surface treatment;Special structural aspects, such as: embed, optical channel, chip package.

             At the same time, the research also investigated the use of printed electronic devices, including: 3D printing, PCB manufacturers in traceability, compliance, technical adjustment and so on. The study found that more than half of the data providers used pressure matching technology to produce or assemble the orifice plates to meet the tolerance requirements.A third of the makers of standard through-hole panels have predicted a tolerance requirement by 2021.

In addition, the study found that most companies today use subtraction method production process to achieve a very fine line width and spacing requirements, but in the next four years, will be gradually into a bonus or half bonus and graphic printing production process.The study also found that only 1 per cent of data providers now use scalable materials, but by 2021 their users are expected to be more than 20 per cent.

                 The companies involved also predicted that the proportion of chip packages or modules in PCB manufacturing would continue to rise over the next few years. Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience,we supply products with FR4 laminate(Aluminum Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board,which are used in Electronic Security,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc. And we have passed ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949, SGS and UL certificates Our operation and management philosophy is "High Quality,Competitive Price and Mutual benefit",we are trying our best to serve customer and succeed in win-win cooperation!