The application of case-based reasoning in the analysis of the main board defects

- Aug 28, 2018-

Rapid development of information technology, more sophisticated products, relatively improved quality requirements, and process management will be one of the important factors affecting quality.When manufacturing process problems occur, previous analysis and resolution of adverse causes are mostly dependent on the knowledge and experience of related personnel.And these experiences often result in misjudgment because of human or external factors.In addition, the high turnover rate in the information industry and the policy of downsizing in response to the economic downturn are likely to result in a continuation of experience.The main reason is that the previous experience only exists in individuals, which makes the experience of analyzing and solving problems unable to be Shared. As a result, the ability to analyze and solve problems is twice as effective, and the opportunity to solve problems is lost.

Especially in the 21st century, in order to cope with the fierce competition between enterprises, enterprises will enter into globalization.How to quickly respond to problems and solve them immediately will make the enterprise invincible.However, in this complex production process, it is necessary to use the rapid progress of information technology to integrate existing information and resources into a practical system.Through the Internet, this system can be used by factories around the world to achieve resource sharing.In particular, when manufacturing process problems occur, it will be the motivation of this study to immediately analyze and find out the causes and solutions, and reduce losses.Based on the above reasons, the main purpose of this study is to construct a motherboard process analysis management system by using the principle of case-based reasoning and Delphi database [6].Purpose of this study:

1. Based on the law of case library, a set of process analysis management system is constructed to record the adverse phenomena, causes, and solutions.And other information.And use case database index method to extract the old case knowledge as the basis of process management.

2. Integrate the past case experience and rules by combining the features of CBR, make it easy for employees to learn and teach themselves, avoid bad recurrence, and exchange experience with each other to achieve the purpose of knowledge management.

3. Combine with existing bar-code system to reduce the time of the process analysis job.

4. Make use of web-based technology to enable factories around the world to use the system together

Resource sharing.

5. Use the data fed back from the system as a reference for process parameter optimization to reduce the defect rate.