The advent of 5G era is optimistic about the r&d layout of domestic high-quality PCB manufacturers in the field of communication board

- Oct 19, 2018-

In recent days, the United States, Japan and South Korea have released news of 5G's commercial use, according to the Shanghai newspaper.The commercial application of 5G has entered the final countdown. New technologies, enabling driverless, Internet of things, Internet of vehicles and industrial Internet, will create a trillion-scale digital market.

Qian lifu, an industry observer, believes that countries are actively positioning the 5G market because 5G is a huge economic engine that provides opportunities for the transformation of the whole society.In the future, the connection scale of things will far exceed that of people.So to speak, to miss 5G is to miss the whole world."

China's 5G commercial development also ushered in the comprehensive sprint stage, and all parties in the industrial chain are actively preparing for it.Not long ago, China telecom officially launched the "Hello5G" action plan, carrying out trials in 17 cities to achieve the commercialization of 5G by 2020.China mobile 5G joint innovation center completed the first 5G end-to-end 8K ultra hd video business demonstration based on 3GPPR15 standard.Huawei takes the lead in completing the third phase of the research and development experiment of 5G technology in China organized by imt-2020 (5G) promotion group with 100% pass rate. The key technology and business process test of 5G core network based on independent networking is completed.

Huachuang securities pointed out that relevant departments have clearly proposed to ensure the start of 5G commercial use, to dispel previous doubts about 5G commercial use or delay.As the current trend of technology upgrading, 5G provides information transmission guarantee for the ground popularization of many emerging applications (uhd video real-time transmission, car networking, etc.).According to the in-depth investigation of the industrial chain, with the replacement and upgrading of equipment such as 5G base station, PCB and filter/rf front end in the upstream components and components are most beneficial, and the application increment is significant.

PCB: compared with 4G base stations, FR4 plates are mostly used in 4G base stations, and the application increment and added value of high frequency/high speed plates are significantly increased in 5G era, while high frequency/high speed PCB is mostly used in 5G base stations. The total demand for PCB from antenna /RRU/BBU is about 3~4 times of that under 4G base stations, and the increment space is significant.Be optimistic about the r&d layout of domestic high-quality PCB manufacturers in the field of communication board:

Dongshan precision: successfully acquired the world's top PCB manufacturer Multek (communication PCB world leader, accounting for 40% of revenue).

Jingwang electronics: the new production capacity in the second phase of jiangxi province is filling smoothly, and the order of communication board is expected to increase;

Shanghai electric power co., LTD.

Shennan circuit: the technology ranks the leading position of local PCB manufacturers, and the main supplier of communication base station equipment PCB;

Shengyi technology: the research and development in the field of high-frequency CCL is progressing smoothly, and mass production is expected by the end of the year