SMT surface assembly becomes one of the indispensable technologies for making modern electronic products.

- Feb 03, 2018-

    SMT is the Surface Mounted Technology (Surface Mounted Technology), which is the most popular Technology and Technology in the electronic assembly industry.SMT patch refers to a series of process processes that are processed on the basis of PCB. The Printed Circuit Board is Printed Circuit Board.The key to surface mount technology depends on the equipment that is owned, which is the hardware of SMT;They are the software technology of SMT.Third, electronic components, which are the foundation of SMT, are the driving force for the development of SMT industry.

     Surface mount PCB SMB hole on the function instrumentation PCB is the same, on craft is directly to the SMC/SMD SMT on SMB, for manufacturing the SMB substrate, its performance requirements than instrumentation PCB substrate performance requirements much higher;The design and manufacturing process of SMB is much more complicated.SMB is used in many high and new technologies such as multi-layer board, metallized hole, blind hole and buried hole, so SMB can be regarded as the symbol of the world level of PCB manufacturing industry.

     Reflow soldering technology in the field of electronics manufacturing is not strange, we use computer in the various components on the board is welded on the circuit board through this process, the device's internal have a heating circuit, heated to a high enough temperature to air or nitrogen after blowing has good components of circuit boards, components on both sides of the solder melts and motherboard bonding.Reflow soldering is by melting first assigned to the solder paste on the PCB, SMT components and PCB solder connection, wave soldering will be molten solder flow through professional equipment and design need to solder wave, make equipped with electronic components of the PCB in advance through the solder wave, the connection between the components and PCB pads.

     SMT surface mount technology is a set of technology intensive and knowledge intensive technology group, involving components encapsulation, substrate technology, printing technology, automatic control technology, soft soldering technology, physics, chemical industry, the new plastic materials, such as a variety of professional and discipline.SMT(surface assembly technology) is a new advanced manufacturing technology and comprehensive engineering science and technology. It is also an important part of electronic advanced manufacturing technology.The rapid development and popularity of the SMT, change the traditional concept of the electronic circuit assembly, for the electronic products miniaturization, lightweight created the basic conditions, become one of the essential technology of modern electronic products.


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