Smaller, faster and more modular is the new trend in mobile phone manufacturing technology

- Aug 18, 2018-

In response to the thinness of mobile portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as the integration of more functions in smart phones, electronic component companies are constantly introducing miniaturized components.At the recent shenzhen CHTF electronics show, a number of manufacturers, including murata and rohm, displayed ultra-small (03015, 0201) resistors and capacitors, as well as magnetic beads and inductors.But on the other hand, this kind of super small size component also put forward higher requirements for the production and manufacturing process such as pasting and dispensing.

Compared with the traditional 01005 size components, the new 03015 product has put forward higher requirements on the precision of SMT SMT laminator.Fushi machinery's first business technology course, takino yumaru, said that in 2014, 03015 will be officially adopted by many manufacturers, and there will be an explosive growth in 2016.In addition to mobile phones and other products, it also includes the now popular wearable electronic devices.He also said that in response to the trend of micro-component development, Fuji components 03015 patch technology is ready, Fuji third generation NXT patch machine, and can provide 03015 and 0201 component solutions, once mobile phone, medical care or wearable equipment, and other enterprises can be imported at any time.

For SMT SMT, how to reduce the impact force while ensuring high accuracy, so as to minimize the pressure on the component during mounting.In addition, with the increase of labor cost and turnover rate in the domestic manufacturing industry in recent years, many manufacturers have increasingly high demand for automation, and Fuji is actively developing products aimed at automation.According to takino youmaru, at present, 03015 can provide the same packaging technology manufacturers including panasonic, Hitachi and other manufacturers.From the point of view of technology, Fuji film precision can reach 25 pricing m under high-speed pasting, which is a very big advantage.

In addition to the installation of smaller size components, mobile devices also have higher requirements for dispensing and coating processes in order to cope with adverse conditions such as falling and humidity.At present, the main application of spot glue includes bottom filling, seal, spot solder paste, UV glue precision coating and LCD screen seal.

"The technical trend is simple: smaller and faster.Because our production process is now demanding a high degree of precision, but production requirements are also high.Nordson EFD's PICO xMOD rubber valve system USES a high-tech, rugged piezoelectric drive that can run continuously at speeds of up to 500 cycles per second, according to Terry r. unbar, product line manager at nordson EFD.With high production speed, PICO xMOD can produce glue points as small as 2 nanoliters with excellent dispensing precision and process control.Non-contact injection valves can be used to spray fluid to hard-to-reach areas or to uneven or fine substrates and can be used in electronics, automobiles, life sciences, solar energy and a range of other industrial applications.

He also said that as a new generation product, the highlight of the PICO xMOD glue valve system is that the injection valve can be modularized, and each EFD PICO xMOD component can be selected separately for specific fluids and applications.All components are used together as a complete integrated system to realize fast and precise dispensing of various fluids.At the same time, each part can be replaced and maintained separately.This allows for a high degree of customization without replacing the dispenser itself.This design not only greatly reduces downtime, but also saves a lot of time costs.