Single-sided circuit boards are designed with double copper

- Nov 03, 2018-

The single-sided circuit board applies double copper in the design. Many manufacturers like to make more efforts in material selection and often ignore the heat dissipation problem of the circuit board. With the continuous improvement of the user's performance, the processor and strong power supply also mean high heat.When we use a variety of means to cool down the power supply at the same time we choose to directly reduce the resistance of the single-sided circuit board power layer, so that the cooling is more effective.

The single-sided circuit board is modified to achieve power cooling. The reliable methods are as follows:

1. Use materials with lower resistivity;

2. Increase of cross-sectional area, compared with higher cost of the former, while in the implementation of the second scheme, the previous method is to increase cross-sectional area by widening the conductor, so as to reduce the impedance of the motherboard itself.However, due to the limited size of PCB, the widening of the wire is obviously not practical.

Now, professional power engineers have discovered that doubling the copper level of a single-sided circuit board, as we said before, is like doubling the cross-sectional area of a wire.So the resistance naturally doubles.The single-sided circuit board with double layer design reduces the heat output by 50%, which reduces the waste of energy and improves the utilization of electric energy.To some extent, double copper layer can make the circuit board heat uniformly and rapidly everywhere, which reduces the temperature, stability and safety factor of the circuit board.