Shortcuts in PowerPCB 5.0.1 are introduced

- Oct 17, 2018-

1. Control Shortcuts

Ctrl+A selects all.

Ctrl+B shows the current design with the frame as a whole.

Ctrl + C to copy.

Ctrl + D.

Ctrl + E to move.

Ctrl+F horizontal mirror flip.


Ctrl + H highlighted.

Ctrl+I translates at any Angle.

Ctrl+J USES the mouse button "10" to form a circle around the center of the cursor in wiring mode.

Ctrl+K sets up clusters.

Ctrl+L permutation element.

Ctrl+M length minimization.

Ctrl+N builds new component.

Ctrl+O opens the file.

Ctrl+P is not in use.

PowerPCB professional group 42336805, PCB Layout study group 48381494

Ctrl+Q brings up the query and modify dialog box for the selected object.

Ctrl + R at 90 ° Angle of rotation for the unit.

Ctrl + S to save.

Ctrl+T is not in use.

Ctrl+U unhighlights.

Ctrl + V to paste.

Ctrl+W view in Zoom mode.

Ctrl + X shear.

Ctrl + Y extensions.

Ctrl+Z cancel.

Ctrl+Alt+C brings up the color Settings dialog.

Ctrl+Alt+D opens the Design TAB of the Preference dialog box.Execute [Setup] - > [Preference] menu commands to bring up the [Preference] dialog box.

Ctrl+Alt+E shows the entire design.

Ctrl+Alt+F opens the selection filter.

Ctrl+Alt+G opens the Preference dialog box.

Ctrl+Alt+J increases the jumper.

Ctrl+Alt+M opens or closes the main menu.

Ctrl+Alt+N sets network lookup.

Ctrl+Alt+P looks for the previous design screen.

Ctrl+Alt+S opens the status window.

Ctrl+Alt+T is not used.

Ctrl + BackSpace redo.

Ctrl+PageDown opens the quick meter and measures from the current position.

2. Function Key Shortcuts

F1 opens online help.

F2 increases the routing.

F3 dynamic routing mode.

F4 toggles between the set pairs of layers.

F5 select pin pairs.

F6 select network.

F7 chooses semi-automatic routing.

F8 opens or closes mouse movement compression.

PowerPCB professional group 42336805, PCB Layout study group 48381494

Switch between the absolute and relative coordinates of F9.

F10 end record.

3. Other Key Shortcuts

The "BackSpace" button is pressed every time to remove the front corner of the current position.

Press [Esc] on the keyboard to exit the current operation mode.

M is the equivalent of right-clicking.

Pressing Spacebar on the keyboard is the equivalent of clicking the left mouse button.

Tab loops capture.