SEMI north American semiconductor equipment shipments fell 1.4 percent in July from a month earlier

- Oct 20, 2018-

According to preliminary data released by the international semiconductor equipment and materials industry association (SEMI), north American semiconductor equipment shipments declined in July from the previous month, unable to continue the growth trend of the past five months. 

The data showed that north American semiconductor equipment makers' three-month moving average shipments in July were initially valued at $2.268.4 billion, down 1.4% from $2.303 billion in June. 

Compared with the same period in 2016, the shipment volume in July was up 32.8 percent, rising for the tenth consecutive month. 

SEMI global President and chief executive Ajit Manocha said semiconductor equipment shipments weakened in July after strong gains in the first half of the year.Still, overall, semiconductor equipment shipments are still up significantly from the same period last year, and there is still a chance of record spending in 2017. 

The next data release will be on September 19. 

According to a previous statement on the official website of the SEMI, the SEMI will stop publishing monthly reports on the north American semiconductor equipment order shipment ratio (BB value) this year.However, the SEMI will continue to issue monthly settlement reports comparing monthly and annual trends in volume activities.