Radio frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency circuit part put on the same PCB board, what needs to pay attention to

- Aug 18, 2018-

Hybrid circuit design is a big problem.It's hard to have a perfect solution.Generally, rf circuits are laid out as an independent single board in the system, and even have a special shielding cavity.In addition, the rf circuit is generally single or double panel, and the circuit is relatively simple. All these are to reduce the influence on the distribution parameters of the rf circuit and improve the consistency of the rf system.Compared with the common FR4 material, CAM OEM suggests that rf circuit boards prefer to base material with high Q value. This material has small dielectric constant, small transmission line distribution capacitance, high impedance and small signal transmission delay.In hybrid circuit design, although the rf and digital circuits are made on the same PCB, they are generally divided into the rf circuit area and the digital circuit area, respectively laying the wiring.Ground through the hole between the tape and shield box shielding.

Mentor's board-level system design software, in addition to basic circuit design functions, also has specialized RF design modules.In the RF schematic design module, the parametric device model is provided, and the bidirectional interface is provided with the RF circuit analysis and simulation tools such as EESOFT.In the RFLAYOUT module, pattern editing function is provided specifically for rf circuit layout and wiring, and bidirectional interface is also provided with the rf circuit analysis and simulation tools such as EESOFT, which can be used to reverse the schematic diagram and PCB after analyzing the simulation results.At the same time, utilizing the design management function of the Mentor software can easily realize design reuse, design derivation, and collaborative design.Greatly accelerate the hybrid circuit design process.The mobile phone board is a typical hybrid circuit design, and many major mobile phone design manufacturers use Mentor jaylen's eesoft as the design platform.