Process analysis of PCB after electroplating

- Sep 01, 2018-

The complete PCB electroplating process includes the post-treatment of electroplating, which, broadly speaking, all electroplating layers must be post-treatment after finishing the electroplating.The simplest reprocessing involves washing and drying hot water.Many coatings also require passivation, coloring, dyeing, sealing, coating, and other post-processing, so that the properties of the coating can be better developed and strengthened.

Post-plating treatment can be divided into the following 12 categories:

1. Cleaning;

2. Drying;

3. Hydrogen removal;

4. Polishing (mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing);

5. Passivation;

6. Coloring

7. Dyeing;

8. Closed;

9. Protection;

10. Painting;

11. Remove the unqualified coating;

12. Recovery of plating solution.

According to the use or design purpose of metal or non-metal electroplating products, the subsequent treatment can be divided into three categories, namely, to improve or enhance the protection, decoration and function.

(1) protective post-treatment

All other protective coatings, except chrome plating, must be properly posttreated to maintain or enhance their protective properties if they are to be used as surface coatings.The most commonly used post-treatment method is passivation.To guard the requirement is higher still undertake besmear is dealt with, for instance have coating of cover light, consider from environmental protection and cost respect, can use waterborne transparent coating.

(2) decorative post-treatment

Decorative post - treatment is a common process in non - metallic electroplating.Such as the coating of imitation gold, imitation silver, archaize copper, brush light, coloring or dyeing and other art processing.Most of these treatments also require the surface to be coated with a transparent gloss coating.Sometimes even with color transparent paint, such as imitation gold, red, green, purple color coating.

(3) functional post-processing

Some non-metallic electroplating products are designed for functional needs and some functional treatments are required after electroplating.For example, as a magnetic shield coating on the surface, as a solder coating on the surface