Printed Circuit Board Basics: An Introduction to the PCB Industry

- Aug 04, 2018-


Maintenance Knowledge Of PCB

Circuit board maintenance is a new repair industry. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment is more and more high, so the number of industrial boards in various industries is also more and more, industrial Control board damage, replace the high cost of circuit board (less than thousands of yuan, or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan) also become a very headache for enterprises. In fact, the vast majority of these damaged circuit boards in the country can be repaired, and the cost is only to buy a new board of 20%-30%, the time is also more than the time of the foreign fixed board much shorter. The basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance is described below.
Almost all of the circuit board maintenance has no drawing material, so many people are skeptical about the circuit board maintenance, although various circuit boards vary widely, but the constant is that each circuit board is composed of various integrated blocks, resistors, capacitors and other devices, so the circuit board damage must be one or some of the device damage caused, circuit board maintenance idea is based on the above factors established. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts, testing and maintenance, which occupies a very important position. Test the basic knowledge of each device on the circuit board until the bad pieces are replaced, and then the circuit board is repaired.
Circuit board detection is the process of locating, confirming and correcting every electronic component fault on the circuit board. In fact, the whole testing process is the thinking process and provide logical clues to the testing process, so the testing engineer must be in the circuit board maintenance, testing, overhaul process, gradually accumulate experience, continuously improve the level. General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components, in maintenance, overhaul, if the direct one by one test to check each component in the circuit board to find the problem will be very time-consuming, implementation is also very difficult. Then, it is an important maintenance method to check the fault phenomenon to the fault reason. As long as the circuit board detects the problem, the maintenance is easy. The above is the basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance.

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