PCB green oil paint removal instructions

- Nov 17, 2018-

PCB green oil paint removal instructions

The purpose of,

Standardize rework standard, reduce product scrap and production cost.

Second, the scope of

Applicable to the company's 22F, cem-1, FR-4 material finished products, semi-finished products.

Three, content,


3.1 prevent bad welding surface polishing, with green paint remover heat up to more than 60 ℃, in the need to rework the PCB completely submerged bubble for 5-10 minutes, visual light ink off, after sampling PCB after wash clean, after processing of grinding OK, take 2-3 pieces of PCB please quality department EQA assist all measurement aperture and measuring records, conform to the requirements of the aperture of the PCB can be directly into the next process, NGPCB board to send punch recoil, recoil OK PCB need to be detailed after into the next process, so as to avoid mixing with LiangLiang.

3.Note: rubber gloves should be worn when making PCB, and the rubber basket should be used. After using the liquid medicine, it should be put back into the original container, which can be reused.

3.3 paper PCB board (94V0, 94HB) can not use this paint, remember!

3.4 attention should be paid to the time control when removing the paint. People should not leave the post, and the long time of unpainting will lead to the product being scrapped.