PCB Factory market continues to grow

- Aug 11, 2017-

From 2010 to 2015, China will become the fastest-growing PCB market in the world with a combined annual growth rate of nearly 10%. By 2015, the proportion of HDI PCB output in the Chinese market will rise from today's 42% to 50%. This May will increase the capacity and market share in China to meet the global demand for high-end printed circuit board (PCB) products as a result of the rapid growth of smartphones and Tablet PCs. In the second quarter, 60% of the total revenue came from the Chinese market, the circuit board factory played a role that can not be ignored.

According to the ITU, China and India have boosted the development of mobile devices. Meanwhile, China's National Bureau of Statistics February 2011 data also showed that as of December 2010, China already has 850 million mobile phone users, accounting for 64% of the total population, of which, 3G mobile phone users 47 million people. As the center of the mobile consumer market, China plays an increasingly important role in the global market, with more than 60% of the annual revenue from mobile devices operating in China. The decision to relocate its mobile device division headquarters to Shanghai, China, is a sign of confidence in the Asian market as well as an important supplier of the mobile device market, thanks to the country's important position in the mobile Equipment supply chain, which has been $xmlesc.

In addition to the rapid growth of the consumer electronics market, high-end PCB products are also a large number of applications in the automotive electronics and industrial electronics, these areas are the PCB itself has a very high level of technology upgrades, how to increase the density of the PCB and reduce the thickness of the PCB is every PCB manufacturers think about the night. In technology innovation, the introduction of embedded embedded packaging patented ECP technology to effectively integrate active and passive components in printed circuit boards, for those requiring the smallest possible size, as many functions as possible electronic products. The traditional concept of electronic products is the encapsulated semiconductor chip loaded onto the PCB, while the ECP technology in the existing packaging methods provide another option, the PCB company can even enter the packaging field. As the line width of high-end PCB is getting smaller, the production process of high-end PCB manufacturer is getting closer to chip manufacturer.