PCB Factory for you to answer the common problems of PCB welding

- Aug 11, 2017-

PCB welding will often be a number of problems, the following circuit board factory macro-linked circuits for you to answer some common situation.

1, solder after tin gray matte

Solder after the discovery of a gray tin point, from two aspects of one is the degree of low solder. Solder to reach more than 50% solder joints will have luster. On the other hand, the residue of the flux remains on the surface of the tin point without cleaning and its acid-like substance corrodes the solder joint, which can also cause a dull matte of the solder spot.

2, solder after tin surface roughness

The roughness of the surface of Tin point first from the quality of the solder, the solder itself contains a small number of metal elements, when the content of these metals exceeds its limit will affect the surface of the tin point. Solder when the surface of the requirements of tin-free impurities, when the surface of the tin oxide too much to be cleaned in a timely manner will affect the tin point of the table required.

3, solder spot color is yellow

Solder color yellow is a common problem, a lot of people do not know what the reason. When the solder appears color, generally in the temperature has a significant relationship. When the soldering temperature is too high, the surface of the tin liquid appears yellowing. At this time, the temperature of the tin furnace should be adjusted to the appropriate operating temperature.

4, circuit board short Circuit

When the circuit board welding after the aging process will find some circuit board short-circuit, discharge circuit board design and electronic components of the problem, from the following several aspects to find the circuit board solder when eating tin time is too short, resulting in poor welding. The flux itself is not strong, weakening the wettability of the solder and its extensibility. PCB into the direction of the tin and the direction of wave reverse, solder liquid surface oxides affect welding too much.