PCB design pads2004 versus pads2005

- Nov 17, 2018-

I think it is easy to download the pads2005spac2. I have been using the PCB design pads2004spac1, so I have been considering whether to upgrade. A version of 2005spac2 was installed a few days ago.

I usually only use orcad+pspice+powerpcb+blazerouter+pcbnav and occasionally use hyperlynx+estudiopro+cam350. Therefore, I am not particularly familiar with powerlogic and dxdesigner, and I am not particularly concerned about the difference between the two versions.The following is mainly about the commonly used.

PCB design pads2004 is still the same old face, especially the powerpcb is ugly, but it is very easy to use, and very fast, sometimes people see it, and ask new notebook also installed win98..That's crazy

PCB design pads2005 powerpcb has changed its name layout. It has no special features. The interface has been changed beautifully.For example, the interface of rules setting, option, verify and layers is the same. Each button is big, but others do not know it. I thought I was old enough to open the auxiliary magnification tool of Windows.

Conclusion: the layout used in powerpcb, inspection, import and export, CAM tools have little change.One problem that doesn't matter is that the installed program menu is called PCB design solutions for pads PCB design

The PCB design of pads2004's blazerouter interface is more beautiful, which belongs to the style of win2000 and also has the navigation bar, although I don't use it very often.The biggest problem is that f3 is slow, so slow that you can't stand it.In addition, fanout is not particularly easy to control, but also sloppy.There is a small problem. When using full screen cursor, if you click other programs and click back to the blazerouter interface, it is possible that full screen cursor will disappear.

PCB design of pads2005 changed to router, and I felt that mentor intended to downplay the original signboard names such as powerpcb and blazerouter, which was not cool and not clear.The new router's interface hasn't changed much, mostly it's not ugly.The problem of slow wiring in f3 is still there, which makes me disappointed.

Conclusion: I made the comparison using the pwrdemoc.pcb file, running f9 wiring on the 1.5g centrino 512M machine.PCB design pads2004blazerouter roughly completed 1661 lines, which took 3 minutes and 7 seconds to generate 500 vias.PCB designed the pads2005router to traverse 1,661 lines in 2 minutes and 59 seconds, resulting in 498 vias.The difference is so small that it's almost negligible.So there is no qualitative change to the automatic wiring engine.Can we still call it router upgrade without f3 and f9 with improved speed and quality?

On pcbnav matching, PCB design pads2004 can use the nav version of 4.0.1, while PCB design pads2005 will use the nav version of 5.0, which can be used with orcad. There is no big difference in convenience.It is worth mentioning that:Pads2005 padslogic PCB design and PCB design dxdesigner support directly read orcad DSN file, in this way, can directly replace pcbnav with logic connection of orcad, but also make me more disappointed, after directly read orcad asc netlist generated when padslayout import PCB design is a little problem, need to manually modified, but also not in the middle point of logic, save, save the DSN file can't be orcad identification, is very trouble.So I'm not happy.

Conclusion: pcbnav does not really have logic and layout connected directly in ole mode, but it is more convenient than using the asc network table one at a time. However, in synchronization, pcbnav cannot select a batch of components at a time, which is uncomfortable and not conducive to the operation of the layout at the beginning.

The comparison of library: I mainly use my own part library, so not too big dependence on this, mainly reference, 2004 and 2005 component library is basically the same, did not add anything, digression, actually there is a very good standard library on the Internet, so, direct pass...

At last, I compare the installation problems, both of them are very easy to install, and once installed, it is perfect to crack with keygen. PCB design pads2004 is more formal, and the default is programfiles. The user directory is also put in my document.Under full installation, PCB design pads2005 takes up more than 2.2g, while PCB design pads2004 takes up about 1.6g, which are all big monsters.When only the commonly used powerpcb, blazerouter, hyperlynx and PCB libraries were installed, the PCB design pads2005 occupied about 480M, while the PCB design pads2004 occupied about 250M. The difference is relatively large, and I did not carefully check the difference.

Bottom line: if neither of them has been used, installing the PCB design pads2005 would be nice, at least, but finding the pcbnav5.0 version would be tricky.If someone is designing pads2004 with a PCB, there is no need to upgrade because there is no added convenience.Even the most commonly used layout tools and f3 wiring speed did not change, feeling busy half a day without a sense of accomplishment.However, with the development of The Times, the users in 2004 are always concerned about the update situation of the new PCB design pads tool. I think there will be a generation of classic PCB design pads version after pads2005, which may shine like protel99se.Talk about it: protel99se_sp6 is really classic, draw a power supply, weak current board and so on, it is really convenient, stability is also very good.The interface is great too, without blazerouter, I think powerpcb is really tied with protel.PCB design pads rice don't call ah..Finally, if you're still using powerpcb3.5 and powerpcb5.0, it's best to upgrade, because it doesn't seem like a good idea to draw loin holes in 3.5.And 5.0 is less stable than the PCB design pads2004 version 5.2.There is also no matching blazerouter.Users of 3.5 and 5.0 should have no major problems upgrading, and both diagram and library transformations have specialized tools for smooth transitions.