PCB design completed copper thickness problem

- Nov 17, 2018-

Design to finish the copper thickness problem

In general, his "Thick Finish with 2oz copper Min" is used to predict general inspections of PCB designs with its PCB design software.

In our opinion, "unchangeable customer requirements" is actually largely related to customers' PCB design experience.Can you change it, can't you?Just look at his PCB design tweaks.

If it doesn't change, what the PCB manufacturer can do is to reduce the copper with 2zo base copper and then electroplate it according to the normal process.Generally this will not affect the electroplating/etching process.

Directly plated with 1oz copper to 2oz finish samples, min was difficult.

1. Your 78.7um is based on 2oz base copper.

2. If it is based on 1oz, the customer's completion thickness "should be" 47.9um according to the IPC table.

3. Convert it to 70um min according to 1oz 35um, and there is no error.This is done from the customer's literal definition of copper thickness, regardless of the actual PCB manufacturer's production process.At the same time, if this is ignored in PCB design, the distance between the lines is a potential problem.Because if you follow the 1oz base copper, the distance between the lines is not a problem, then you may have a problem when you have to do it with 2oz in reality.Unless you use 2oz base copper first, then cut the copper.If we directly used 1oz base copper, it would be difficult to reach 2oz finish thick or min.