PCB design Altium designer four board drawing skills

- Nov 17, 2018-

PCB design Altium designer four board drawing skills

1. Drawing process of four-layer PCB board:

1. Draw circuit schematic diagram and generate network table.

Among them, the process of drawing schematic diagram involves the rendering of components and the rendering of packages.For the exclusion of errors and warnings, general problems should be solved.A complex schematic diagram can be drawn using a hierarchical schematic diagram.

CTRL+G (set grid table spacing), CTRL+M(measure the distance between two points)

2. Planning circuit board

How many layers?Is it single-sided or double-sided?What size is the board?, etc.

3. Set various parameters

Layout parameters, panel parameters, basically by system default, just set a few parameters.

4. Load network tables and component packaging

Design ->Update PCB Document usb.pcbdoc

(note: if there is an error while drawing the schematic, but the PCB layout is already in place. If you want to correct the error without affecting the PCB layout, you should also take this step.Otherwise it would be painful to rearrange!! 

The network table is the interface of the circuit diagram editing software and PCB design software. Only when the network table is loaded, can the circuit board be automatically wired.

5. Component layout

Most of the time it's a manual layout, or a combination of automatic and manual.

If you want to place components on both sides: press left mouse button for selected devices, and then press L button;Or click the component under the PCB interface and change its property to bottom layer.


Uniform component discharge for installation, plug - in, welding operation.Text in the current character layer, reasonable position, attention to orientation, avoid occlusion, easy to produce.

6 and the wiring

Automatic wiring, manual wiring, wiring should be planned before the layout, to match the inside electrode layer, electric and hidden within the first layer wiring, electrical layer is usually within the whole sheet copper film, and copper film with the same network name of bonding pad in through electrical layer when the system will automatically connects with the copper film, bonding pad/through the inner hole and connection of electric layer, and copper film and other do not belong to the network of bonding pad and safety distance can be set in the rules.