PCB circuit board production process.

- Feb 03, 2018-

Design schematic diagram according to circuit function. Schematic diagram of the design is mainly on the basis of various components of the electric performance according to the need for the construction of the reasonable, through the picture accurately reflects the important function of the PCB, and the relationship between the parts. The design of the schematic diagram is the first step in the PCB production process and a very important step. The software used to design circuit schematics is PROTEl.

After the design of the schematic diagram is completed, a further step is needed to encapsulate the various components through PROTEL to generate and realize the grid with the same appearance and size. Protel modification has been completed, to execute the Edit/Set Preference/pin 1 Set packaging reference points on the first pin. Then perform the Report/Component Rule Set up complete check to check rules, and OK. At this point, encapsulation Set up.

PCB is formally generated. After the network is generated, the position of each component should be placed according to the size of the PCB panel, and it is necessary to ensure that the leads of each component are not crossed when placed. Placed component, after the completion of the final examination of the DRC, to eliminate all components in the wiring of pin or pin cross error, when all the troubleshooting, a complete PCB design process is complete.

Specially copy paper will be completed design of PCB diagram by inkjet printer to print output, and then with one side of the circuit diagram and copper relative compaction, and finally on the heat exchanger to heat seal, through the circuit diagram on the carbon ink stick at high temperatures on the copper plate.

System board. Modulation solution, the sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide by 3:1 modulation, into which we will then contain the ink copper plate, such as three to four minutes, such as copper in places other than the ink after all be corrosion, took copper plate, and then clear water to rinse solution.

Punch. Using punch copper on the need to leave a hole punch, after the completion of each matching components from the back of the coin will introduce two or more pin, then using welding welding tool to components on the copper plate.

After completion of welding work, the whole circuit board to conduct a comprehensive test work, if the problems appeared in the process of test, requires the adoption of the first step design schematic diagram to determine the location of the problem, and then again for welding or replacement components. When the test passes successfully, the whole circuit board is finished.