PCB automatic plate-making machine operation guide

- Nov 29, 2018-

When you buy a PCB PCB rapid manufacturing machine, nature immediately want to make a PCB to see its powerful function, but please do not worry, and please carefully read the instructions and this column of operation description before starting, you will soon be familiar with the operation and will be deeply attracted by its charm.

Please check whether your accessories are complete: instruction manual, fastening tool, DK engraving driver CD, cutter, drill bit, serial port extension cord, power cord, a small amount of copper plate, spindle motor carbon brush.

2. Place the machine flat on the working platform, take out the serial port extension cord (DB9 cable), connect the communication interface on the right side of the case with the COM1 port of the computer, and connect the power cord.

3. Please confirm that your computer operating system is win98/2000/XP, with the minimum memory configuration of 256M. Open the computer and put in the DK engraving driver CD, and run the corresponding setup.exe file.Open a PCB file of PROTEL and import DK.

4 according to the circuit board design and select the appropriate cutting tools, and DK interface parameters of cutting tool choice, advised to choose a slightly smaller than PROTEL PCB files in the design of safe distance (such as choose 0.38 mm tool, cutting tool parameters appropriate to choose 0.36 mm), must see if there are any after open the file due to cutting tool selection error of PCB line adhesion, until it is correct.Set the "plate thickness" parameter of DK operation according to the circuit board thickness, which provides accurate data for drilling and edge cutting.

5. When the operating system performs edge cutting and drilling, it will work slightly below the bottom of the circuit board. In order to protect the tool, drill bit and machine working platform, the working platform shall be equipped with a copper coating plate equal to or slightly larger than the circuit board to be made as the backing plate, and then the copper coating plate to be made shall be placed;Note that it is better to place copper plate with thin double-sided adhesive. When pasting copper plate, there should be no particulate matter on the pasting surface, and the copper plate should be flattened by hand to ensure that the copper plate is placed flat. The copper plate used should also be leveled to ensure the quality of engraving circuit board.It is suggested to use the original copper-coated sheet which has been polished and levelled by our company.Remember to pay attention to installed in the spindle motor on the tip of the copper plate, it is necessary to fashion a good copper plate, and then install the tip of the safety.

6 copper plate and tool are installed. When the main power of the machine is not turned on, move the spindle and working platform so that the tool tip is near the lower right corner of the copper plate. When the power of the main shaft is turned off, turn on the main power.Adjust the position of X and Y axes, and then adjust the height of Z axis to make the tool tip close to the copper plate. Use Z+1mm key to roughly adjust the visual distance to close to the copper plate. Use a piece of paper (white paper torn by double-sided adhesive tape is recommended) to place on the circuit board.

7 close the door, press the online button, make the online light green, turn on the spindle power.If PCB file cutter, plate thickness parameters have been set, you can press the trial carving key, the cutter head began to move, according to the design of the circuit board maximum area of carving a rectangle, observe whether the carving depth meets the requirements, such as too deep or too shallow, first press the online key to make it offline.Press the Z axis adjustment button to adjust the height, then press the online key to make it online, and then press the trial carving, until the carving depth meets the requirements, press the carving key to carve.After completion of carving spindle continue to spin, but stopped in circuit boards at the bottom right does not move, trimming key at this time, the machine start cutting shape according to your design, after completing the process of cutting, shut down the main shaft power, do not shut off the main power supply, then press online make online lights turn red, press the Z axis to adjust the Z axis, take a sharp knife, bit change, adjust the Z axis bit pressure paper, press online make online lights turn green, close door, open the main power supply, press drilling began drilling, all operations are finished, please close the main power supply and main shaft power.

8 tips and precautions:

8.1 form a good habit of confirming that the spindle power is off before turning on the main power supply.When the main power is turned off, the spindle power is also turned off.

8.2 install tools and drill bits to tighten the fixing screws.

8.3 the online light green indicates the online state of computer and machine, while red indicates the offline state. In the online state, the X, Y and Z axis movement buttons are not under control and are not faults.

8.4 if the tool head is found to be too deep or too shallow in the working state, the on-line light can be turned red by pressing the online button. The spindle continues to rotate but does not move. At this time, the spindle height can be adjusted to continue to work online.

8.5 when the power is turned on, all lights in the whole control panel flicker, which means that the machine has not been reset successfully. Please turn off the main power supply and the main shaft power supply, and turn on it after one or two seconds;If the main power is suddenly turned off in the process of work, and then the main power is turned on again, because the machine is not completely reset, it will lead to random operation of the machine, do not randomly try.

8.6 "non-pcb file" is prompted when opening the file. Native compatible with PROTEL ASIC2.8 file format, if your drawing software cannot output this format, please import the file you designed in PROTEL99, and export this format file after conversion.

8.7 open the file prompt "no KEEPOUT LAYER", the machine to prohibit wiring LAYER as the outer border of the circuit board, the PCB file you design must be in the KEEPOUT LAYER to draw a border line, line width is equal to the cutter diameter (3.15mm).

8.8 display "out of the range of engraving". There are components or lines outside or close to KEEPOUT LAYER. Please modify the circuit diagram.

8.9 press the function key and the machine will not respond. Please check whether the serial port line is connected correctly: check whether the online light is green.