PCB automatic panel making operation guide

- Nov 17, 2018-

Please check whether your accessories are complete: instruction manual, fastening tool, DK engraving driver CD, cutter, drill bit, extension cord of serial port, power cord, a small amount of copper plate, spindle motor carbon brush.

Put the machine on the working platform, take out the extension cord of serial port (DB9 cable), connect the communication interface on the right side of the case to the computer COM1 port, and connec

t the power cord.

3 please confirm that your computer operating system is win98/2000/XP, with a minimum memory configuration of 256M, open the computer and put in the DK engraving driver CD to run the corresponding setup.exe file.Open one of PROTEL's PCB files and import DK.

4 according to the circuit board design and select the appropriate cutting tools, and DK interface parameters of cutting tool choice, advised to choose a slightly smaller than PROTEL PCB files in the design of safe distance (such as choose 0.38 mm tool, cutting tool parameters appropriate to choose 0.36 mm), must see if there are any after open the file due to cutting tool selection error of PCB line adhesion, until it is correct.Set the "plate thickness" parameter for DK operation according to the thickness of the circuit board. This operation provides accurate data for drilling and edge cutting.

5. As the operating system will work slightly below the bottom of the circuit board when performing edge cutting and drilling, to protect the tool, drill and machine working platform, the working platform shall be equipped with a copper plate equivalent to or slightly larger than the circuit board to be made, and then place the copper plate to be made.Note that it is better to place the copper plates with thin double-sided adhesive. When pasting the copper plates, the adhesive surface shall be free of particulate matter.It is suggested to use the original polished copper plate provided by our company.When installing copper plate, remember to install the knife point on the spindle motor, necessary fashion good copper plate, reinstall the knife point for safety.