Notes In MC PCB Aluminum Manufacturing Process

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. There is side etching of Aluminum core PCB, factory must meet the accuracy of the trace so that need to do some trace compensation when make working Gerber files, but compensation must be confirmed as per the value of side etched with different MCPCB substrate thickness, the artwork is negative.

2. During the flow process of Aluminium PCB layer image, it usually use 0.3mm epoxy board, which the size is the same as the aluminium PCB board, and use the tape to blockade and compaction to avoid solution infiltration. After the finish on copper surface, the best way is to use the chemical micro etching, and then after board baking it should deal with wet film to prevent oxidation.

3. In the flow process of etching Aluminum PCB Board, need to use test boards to adjust the solution to ensure the best etching results. After etching on Aluminum based PCB, the way is to use SN solution to do strip immediately. In the process of etching in Aluminium PCB, need to use test boards to adjust the solution to ensure the best etching results.

4. Most of Aluminum PCB Manufacturers make the hole with diameter less than 6.0mm with NC drilling, but have to make the holes more than 6.0mm with routing, which can not ensure the hole size 100% round. If there is strict requirement of round holes, they will ask make a punching mould to make them more than 6.0mm.

5. Not like around 2008, nowadays more and more LED light designer and manufacturer has a demand of big Aluminum MCPCB or FR4, like 1200mm or even to 1600mm. For such long Aluminum PCB, most Aluminum PCB suppliers can’t provide since they haven’t big enough equipment, like electroplate copper line, exposure machine, routing machine, related surface treatment line and routing machine. As a professional PCB manufacturer, we can do it perfectly.