Micro-electro-mechanical Systems

- Aug 04, 2018-


Solder Paste
Multicore® solder pastes meet the demands of today’s dynamic assembly marketplace. From lead-free to transitional materials, Multicore continues to be the brand SMT professionals trust worldwide.

Cored Wire
The Multicore® portfolio of cored solder wire features the award-winning multiple flux core technology that ensures the even and consistent distribution of flux throughout the solder wire.

Multicore® flux technology provides a variety of formulations for multiple wave soldering processes and delivers compatibility with dual wave, lead-free and VOC-free applications.

Rework Products
For maximum control of delicate re-work and hand soldering applications, skilled technicians around the world count on the Multicore® line of rework products, including desoldering wicks, mini cleaners and fluxes and tip tinners.

Solid Wire
Available in various spool sizes and wire diameters, Multicore® solid wire is available in several alloys, including SAC 305.

Solder Bar
Manufactured to IPC specification J-STD 006, Multicore® solder bar meets the diverse manufacturing needs of today’s assembly professionals.

Technical Capabilities



Hole diameter tolerance 


Contour tolelrance


impedance control


Board thickness tolerance


Layer registration tolerance

4L: Max 0.15mm; 6L: Min 0.025mm

Test voltage


Surface finish

Immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, LF-Hasl, OSP

Bow and twist tolerance