Mechanical properties of PCB through holes

- Nov 03, 2018-

Mechanical properties of PCB through holes

When PCB boards have large holes, our wiring space will be very small. Obviously, we want to use small PCB boards to have holes, but how small is appropriate?Even if the PCB plate overhole is small and the PCB plate overhole is smaller, more wires can be put on the PCB board to improve the density of the wiring.For products of limited size, the designer has to make the PCB on the board smaller and smaller.

The smaller the hole, the smaller the parasitic capacitance.This means that the smaller the PCB plate is through the hole to work in a high-speed situation the better.In the most high-speed PCB design, the small PCB plate via hole is mandatory.

Of course, smaller PCB plates cost more in the process of generation.In engineering design, the higher the performance, the higher the cost is inevitable, PCB plate through hole is no exception.At present, we have three principles for PCB plate via hole:

Small PCB plates take up a small area through holes

Small PCB plates have small parasitic capacitance through holes

Small PCB plate via hole cost higher

Do not underestimate the importance of the proper size of the PCB through hole.