Matters needing attention in FPC circuit board production

- Sep 22, 2018-

Due to the particularity of flexible circuit board, it is different in the process of manufacturing. So today, let the manufacturer of flexible circuit board briefly introduce matters needing attention in the process of making flexible circuit board:

1. Since most of the flexible circuit boards belong to the coil material, and the double-sided FPC with through holes can't use the RTR process, it is necessary to process the material in sheet form.

2. Generally speaking, the material of flexible circuit board is very thin and therefore very fragile.Special attention should be paid to material protection when opening materials.

3. If the quantity of materials is small, then manual cutting is required.If the volume is large, automatic slicer cutting is required.

4. If the material is opened well, the equipment should be automatically folded and put in order, so as to effectively reduce the phenomenon of pit, crease and fold.

5. If it is folded by hand, it is necessary to use gloves which are not easy to lose the fiber. It is better to use gloves such as latex to prevent the surface of materials from polluting.

6. If the material cut in the process is copper clad sheet, the calendering direction of the calendering copper should also be noted.

7. In the pre-production design or subsequent processing, the blanking frame shall not be used as the positioning benchmark of the post-process.